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Mistress Lea was out to degrade this guy and she dd it with toys. She bought some toys and she crushed and smashed them as he watched. She used her high heels to do it. In no time, she had made a huge mess on the floor. But that was not all as she turned to the guy and she asked him to assemble the crushed plastic and try to remake the toys. She then sat down laughing as he tried.

Madame Marissa was so mad that she had to take out her anger on toys. She did this because she did not want to continue being mad. She had to ensure that all went well and that is why she opted to cruelly use her high heels to crush them. She did it angrily and destroyed them in no time. By the time she was done, she had had a lot of fun.

Mistress Emila wanted to crush toys with her sneakers and she did it because she did not have anything better to do. The mistress had never done it before and she liked it so much that she wondered why she it had taken her that long to do it. The mistress enjoyed herself so much and she did it over and over again. It was a lot of fun for her.

Mistress Lea felt that her boyfriend needed to be scared and she did not hesitate to do so. She did not want her man to think that he was free to do anything and everything he wanted. That is why she cruelly trampled him some toy cars as he watched and she told him that that was what she was about to do to him if he did not change.

Mistress Faiza wanted to crush and destroy her son's toy car and she did it with her wooden clogs. She knew the toy car was no match for her clogs and she was right. The minute she put her foot on it and added her weight to it, it crushed and flatted in seconds. She laughed at all the mess she had created but she cleaned it to avoid him coming and seeing it.

When this mistress wanted to have fun and to crush things, she chose to crush toys. She chose to crush the toys and once destroyed, throw them all away. The mistress' aim was to have the least reliable toys destroyed and turned into junk which was to be recycled. She had no much faith it could work but it did and she loved how her plans had worked out perfectly.

When mistress Elsi realized that she had been shortchanged by her business partner, she was so pissed to the point that she wanted revenge and hers was a dish best served cold. She took out her initial anger on a toy which she crushed with her feet. She did not want to make any plan while angry as she was bound to make mistakes. She made the plan when she had completely calmed down.

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